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The Twin Pines Family of Companies is always working to grow and improve not only the quality and scope of our services, but the types of services we provide, as well!

This month, the division leader for FitzCo Construction & Electric--a division of Twin Pines--has become licensed in Septic System Installation within the town of Northborough. Twin Pines as a company has also been granted our Drainlayers License.

We are proud of these positive developments in our company, and are excited to continue sharing our successes and improvements with our customers here on our website! Check back soon for more from The Twin Pines Family of Companies!

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Twin Pines Landscaping & Contracting has continued to add new and exciting services to our portfolio!

Why Are We Expanding?

We want to be your one and only call for home services!

How Do We Expand?

In order to both grow and thrive, Twin Pines works to acquire small business that are specialists in their field. With this process, we have been able to add Construction, Electrical, Chimney Cleaning/Repair and Stove Sales/Cleaning/Repair services to our already extensive list!

What’s Our Newest Service?

The newest expert of the Twin Pines team provides services including Duct Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning, and Gas/Wood/Pellet Stove Cleaning, Repairs, and Maintenance. He has over 20 years of exper...

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